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Based in East Sheen, SW London, start-up estate agency Sceon+Berne wanted to run their business demonstrably better than the industry norm. The agency’s prime focus was to be totally embedded in their local community, so the branding had to reflect this.

The idea of  ‘x marks the spot’ and some beautiful local maps from the 1740s helped bring the identity to life. Sceon+Berne don't talk about selling houses, they tell stories, local stories, stories of how they're a break from the norm and how they support the schools and independent businesses in their area.


Despite their market being over-saturated, Sceon+Berne was ranked second out of 30+ local estate agents in terms of instructions, within nine months of launch.

Phil is simply exceptional. His real skill, amongst many, was taking time to immerse himself in gauging the company ethos so he can craft and create a brand that totally resonates with the heart of the business. He displayed empathy and interest at every point. Phil then presented his three beautiful brand designs and we would happily chosen any of them. Our clients love our brand and 'story' which has won us a very healthy amount of clients, which is ultimately every business owner's aim. We often hear the phrase 'I love your branding'. Thank you, Phil. Your service and input was and remains invaluable.

David McKenna,​ Director & Founder

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